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Syntactic Structures 
Year: 1957 
Call No: P291 .C5 #345 & 346 
Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 
Year: 1964 
Call No: P121 .C47 1964 #371 
Topics in the Theory of Generative Grammar 
Year: 1966 
Call No: P151 .C5 #382 
The State of the Art 
Year: 1968 
Call No: P81.U5 H6 #363 
The sound pattern of Russian; a linguistic and acoustical investigation. With an excursus on the Contextual variants of the Russian vowels 
Year: 1959 
Call No: PG2131 .H3 #390 
Old Church Slavonic Grammar 
Edition: 4th 
Year: 1965 
Call No: PG619 .L8 1965 #550 
Studies on semantics in generative grammar 
Year: 1972 
Call No: P151 .C48 #552